About the project

Due to the unique geographic situation of Laguna Potrok Aike and based on existing information derived from three seismic surveys and sediment cores of up to 19 m length PASADO accommplished:

  • Drilling of the complete high-resolution (~1m/1ka) sedimen down to 107 meters;
  • High-resolution quantitative reconstruction of temperature, precipitation, hydrological variations, terrestrial vegetation and fire history on absolute orbital and suborbital (multimillennial) down to decadal timescales based on multiple dating;
  • Developed records of dust storm events, tephra layers and palaeosecular variation of the Earth's magnetic field;
  • Statistical comparison of our data with climate simulations from General Circulation Models to establish links between climate variability and climate forcing factors such as changes in the Earth's orbit, solar output and greenhouse gas concentrations. Questions to be answered:
    • Are latitudinal shifts in the position of the southern westerlies reproducible?
    • Are synoptic scale phenomena like polar outbreaks and their recurrence patterns represented?
    • Can interhemispheric synchronous climatic linkages be detected to assess the role of ice sheets, oceanic and atmospheric circulation and astronomic forcing on climate?

More information about the limnology of Laguna Potrok Aike and its area