Isabelle Larocque (co-PI), Vicky Tremblay (PhD student)

 [Chironomids analysis of 3 intervals selected for high-resolution analysis, PhD student Vicky Tremblay co-supervisor, collaboration with J. Masaferro, Argentina].
Isabelle Larocque met Julietta Masaferro in Bern to better define the objectives and the sampling
procedure. This sampling procedure was presented at a meeting (July 2009) in Köln (Germany) and a
guide on sampling procedure was produced. A Ph.D. student (Vicky Tremblay) was hired by P. Francus,
I. Larocque and R. Pienitz in January 2009 to pursue chironomids and diatom analyses. V. Tremblay was
part of the sampling team and participated in the core opening in Bremen (Germany) in May 2009. She
presented her project in a chironomid workshop in Copenhagen (Denmark) and in Bremen.

Reinhard Pienitz (co-PI), Vicky Tremblay (PhD student)

[Diatoms analysis of 3 high-resolution intervals. Pienitz acts as co-supervisor of Ph-D students V. Tremblay and B. De Baer].
Reinhard Pienitz was not directly involved in the drilling activities, but participated in the discussions to
develop our research plans and to elaborate a sampling procedure for the paleoecological samples
(meeting held in July 2009 in Köln (Germany). He will train and co-supervise Ph.D. student (Vicky
Tremblay) for diatom analyses, and help the UBC team with questions related to diatoms.

Contact info

Isabelle Larocque

Organisation: Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement, Québec city.
Research Field: Paleolimnology, chironomids
Contacts: (418) 654-3115,

Reinhard Pienitz

Organisation: Centre d’étude Nordique, Université Laval, Québec city, Québec.
Research Field: Paleoecology, diatoms, biogeography
Contacts: (418) 656-2131 x7006,