Pierre-Simon Ross (co-PI), Séverine Delpit (PhD student).

Ross and Delpit spent one month at Laguna Potrok Aike and vicinity during the drilling period in 2008, as
planned in the schedule. The aim of the team was to log the core drilled through volcaniclastic deposits,
below the lake sediments. No such cores were obtained, so the team took advantage of their presence in a
Quaternary monogenetic volcanic field to carry out volcanological investigations. Their observations
focused on maars - the product of phreatomagmatic eruptions - but also included cinder cones and spatter
rings. Special attention was paid to the volcaniclastic deposits around Laguna Potrok Aike to determine
their characteristics and origin. Some 40 samples of volcanic rocks (including basaltic lava flows related
to the monogenetic edifices) and volcaniclastic deposits were brought back to Canada for laboratory
analysis. Thin sections were prepared and examined by Delpit during the winter, and samples were
readied for geochemical analyzes. Geochronological determinations based on the Ar-Ar or the K-Ar
methods are also planned. All the samples that were sieveable were sieved. Ross traveled to the Third
International Maar conference (3IMC) in Argentina (April 2009) to report on the team's preliminary
findings on the topic of maars in the Pali Aike Volcanic Field (oral presentation) and meet with some of
our Argentinean collaborators (Drs. Hugo Corbella and Miguel Haller). Delpit et al. presented a poster on
the same topic at the joint meeting of AGU, GAC and MAC in Toronto (May 2009). A special issue of
the Journal of Volcanology and Geothermal Research has been approved by Elsevier to publish
manuscripts based on the 3IMC and a paper is being prepared for this volume by Ross et al.
Severine succesfully defended her PhD in march 2013.

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Pierre-Simon Ross

Organisation: Institut national de la recherche scientifique, Centre Eau, Terre et Environnement, Québec city

Research Field: Volcanology, Mineral exploration, Diatremes

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