Isotopic geochemistry

C. Hillaire-Marcel (co-PI), P. Francus (co-PI) and L. Nuttin (PhD Student)

[Chronology using U/Th series with the collaboration of B. Ghaleb (UQAM), determination of clay assemblages

with the collaboration of M. Preda (UQAM) and trace elements geochemistry on the long sequence]

This sub-project aims to construct the chronostratigraphy for the last 100 ka from U-series analysis of authigenic

and early diagenetic minerals in sediment cores, through MC-ICP-MS measurements. We also propose to utilize

high-resolution, semi-quantitative analyses X-Ray analyses of clay assemblages to document changes in the 

relative intensity of soil chemical erosion in the lake catchment. These measurements will be carried out at the

GEOTOP laboratories, in Montreal.

The sampling of the composite profil (~106 m) was accomplished in June 2009, at the University of Bremen, and

mineralogical and isotopic analyses began in October 2009 in GEOTOP laboratories.

A short field expedition has been planned for winter 2010 in order to sample the study area for suficial deposits,

rock sources, and waters for U-series and mineralogical analyses for comparison with sediment core results.


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Claude Hillaire-Marcel

Organisation: Université du Québec à Montréal, GEOTOP, Montréal, Canada
Research Field: Stable isotopes, Radioactive isotopes, Paleoclimatology
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